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We are a progressive motorcycle club whose focus is to promote good citizenship and motorcycle riding safety and establish love and fellowship among all citizens and their families.  We want to be more than just bike riders; we want to be role models to our community.
Our name “Buffalo Soldiers” was selected to pay homage to and ensure the legacy of African American military contributions in the post-Civil War era.

Our Goals
To carry on that great tradition of the original Buffalo Soldiers by serving our communities as responsible and respectable citizens, as they did our country. 
To care for each other and others, being good role models for youngsters, and respecting the great heritage of those original Buffalo Soldiers. 
To host and participate in many charitable events and activities including:
  • Providing educational opportunities to high school seniors through scholarship programs.
  • Providing food, clothing, money, and other items to the needy via charitable donations.
  • Educating the public on the history and legacy of the original Buffalo Soldiers.
To mentor and monitor our youth on the values and importance of education and family.
Our Purpose 
To promote goodwill and good citizenship among members and community at large.
To educate members and community regarding the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, specifically the 9th and 10th Calvary and its legacy without discrimination.
To promote motorcycle safety.
To be committed to developing community service programs, including scholarship and/or aid to other under privileged groups.


Carry on that great tradition of the original Buffalo Soldiers

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