Ronald Redmond aka “Dirty Red”

Buffalo Soldiers Member

Ronald Redmond aka "Dirty Red"

My name is Ronald Redmond aka “Dirty Red”.  I originally hail from the Windy City (Chicago, Ill).  I am (in the Buffalo Soldier tradition), a retired Army veteran with 22 years of proud service to my country.  As a young man growing up in the city, I learned to ride motorcycles and loved the feel of the wind at my back.  

Another of my favorite pass times was watching westerns on TV with the family, and that is where I first learned the history and traditions of the 9th and 10th Calvary.  Life has allowed me to be able to experience and enjoy both my love of motorcycles and the respect and awe of the Buffalo Soldier in one grand experience.  My horse of choice is a black 1800cc Honda Goldwing, and I am a proud member of the Mother Chapter,  Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club of Virginia.

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