Alfred J. (AJ) Hill Sr.


Alfred J. (AJ) Hill Sr.

In the motorcycle world I am known as “SOULSHAKER”,  Alfred J. (AJ) Hill Sr., Founder of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of the state of Virginia.  A Co-Founder of the national organization of Buffalo Soldiers.  Served as the first National Treasurer of the national for 6 years, and served as President (pass) of the Mother chapter of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Virginia for 12 years.  I’ve been riding motorcycles (owned 14) since 1969 and still riding strong. 

Today I ride a Honda Goldwing Trike, 1800.  Lt Henry O. Flipper and I share the same birth place, Thomasville, GA.  I also add that I have a Great-Great-Great-Great, a Great-Great-Great Grandfather and a Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle who were Buffalo Soldiers when they/we were known as “Colored US Troops/Soldiers.  

I retired in the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Clubs organization but I am still going strong as a Life-Time Member serving our communities and sharing the great facts and contributions made/being made to this country by those pass and present Buffalo Soldiers with others.  I am proud to serve . . . “ONE CLUB”, “ONE PATCH” & “ONE MINDSET”.

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